Tips for the perfect BBQ, from Alan Warwick Butchers 

Summer is here, and despite the unpredictable weather, us Brits still love a BBQ. That's why we have teamed up with Alan Warwick Butchers in Victorian Arcade to share our top tips on making your BBQ a resounding success. 

Start by lighting the BBQ before the guests arrive

By lighting the BBQ before your guests arrive you'll be able to welcome them with the glorious smell of burning charcoal and get their taste buds tickling even before they've tried your food.

Let the charcoal burn for 15 – 20 minutes with your BBQ rack above it. Once the smoke has abated and the charcoal appears to be white, you're ready to cook.

Continue to move the coals around every few minutes whilst cooking to ensure they stay hot and help cook your food faster.

Magnificent marinating

Did you know marinades don't only flavour the meat but also tenderise it? We suggest marinating cuts of meat for different amounts of time depending on their type, cut and size.

For example, lamb, beef or pork (depending on cut size) should be marinated between two and four hours. Any longer could cause the meat to dry and become tough. Fish and shellfish should be marinated for as little as 30 minutes as the flesh might start to 'cook' and soften.

Click here for a delicious range of ideas to try at home, or pick up a variety of readymade marinated meats at Alan Warwick Butchers who flavour and package their finest cuts on the premises daily.

Rest the meat and stay with your BBQ

Many people aren't aware that resting your cooked meat after barbecuing is an essential part of the process.

If you were to eat a steak directly off the barbecue, it would be tough and juices would leak out the moment a knife touched it. Leaving it to rest for a few minutes allows the meat to soak up the juices and will help get the most flavour.

Rest the meat on a warmed tray on the top rack and leave it to rest for five to 10 minutes.
The best meats for your BBQ spread

As our resident experts here at Victorian Arcade, Alan Warwick Butchers have put together a list of the best meats and cooking tips to help you get the best out of your BBQ.

1)    Strip Steak – The strip steak is cut from the short loin of the steer's back. It's moderately tender and well-marbled, but has considerably less fat than a rib eye, which makes it easier to cut and share. Best served lightly charred after cooking for six minutes or less depending on your guests' preferences.

2)    Beef or lamb burgers – Using meat with around 20% fat makes for a delicious, succulent burger and won't cause flare-ups on the grill when excess grease hits the coals. Take time to grill the burger over a high heat for around eight minutes, turning occasionally, then leave for three minutes to rest before serving.

3)    Sausages - Pick up a variety of flavoursome sausages, grab some buns and toppings, and let people make their own hot dogs. Sausages should be grilled over a medium to low heat turning occasionally for 15 to 20 minutes. Let them rest for five minutes before serving to allow the meat to soak up the juices.

4)    Veggie kebabs –Heaths Produce, our independent fruit and vegetable store, suggest creating your own veggie burgers by picking up a variety of delicious veg and trying this scrumptious recipe from Jamie Oliver. Take a look here:

Alan Warwick Ltd is a long established company with shops throughout the West Midlands area. With over 30 years of experience the team at Alan Warwick Butchers is always on hand to help you create the ultimate BBQ experience.

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